Library Important Fact Set 4

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Library Important Fact Set 4

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  1. In Encyclopaedia Britianica Micropaedia acts as an index to macropaedia
  2. In fund accounting, Recurring fund can not be used for other purposes.
  3. In Which five year plan the INFLIBNET was established seventh five year plan
  4. In which year headquarter of FID was shifted from Brussels to The Hague? 1934
  5. In which year the ISBN location office in India shifted from Kolkatta to Delhi?  2011
  6. In  the process  of  conducting  research  ‘Formulation  of  Hypothesis”  is  followed  by Selection of Research Tools
  7. in  which  year Aslib  was  acquired  by  MCB  group,  the  holding  company  for  emerald group publishing? 2010
  8. Indian national Bibliographical first appeared in 1957
  9. Indian  books in  Print  are  published  from  New  Delhi  Cumulative  book  index  is published  from  USA
  10. INFLIBNET headquarters is located at  Ahmedabad
  11. Informal communication among knowledgeable person is known as Invisible college
  12. Informal self education is possible in Public Library
  13. Information Gatekeepers come under Documentary sources
  14. Information is  Organized Data
  15. Inkblot test is developed by : Hermann Rorchach
  16. Inscription is not the documents.
  18. It is a library with little or no physical presence of books, periodicals, reading space or Support staff,  but are that   disseminate   disseminate   selective   information   directly   to distribute library customers, usually electronically”. Said by   Powell
  19. Leather being used as one of the binding  materials e Sheep skin is the strongest leather.
  20. Library   Budjet takes   items   of   expenditure   for   libraries   as   the   working   data for  allocation of funds.

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