Library Important Fact Set 5

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Library Important Fact Set 5

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  1. Library Technology Report is a publication of  ALA
  2. Library  and Information  Science  Journal  name  Reference  Reviews  incorporating ASLIB Book Guide
  3. Library  catalogue  cards are  filed  in  specially    drawers  called  Catalogue cabinet
  4. Logical sequence of the following  Data, Infomation, Knowledge, Wisdom
  5. Lotka’s Law related to Author’s productivity
  6. Main use of Shelf list is Stock Verification
  7. Mathematical formula for estimating sample size is given by Taro Yamane
  8. Mean, Median and Mode are Measures of control tendency
  9. Mobile library is a kind of which service?  Extension service
  10. NICNET and INDONET are the networks of which category  WAN
  11. Non-Recuring  expenses are  capital  expenses  like  Library  Building,  Furniture   and fittings, computer etc.
  12. Now  a days  what  is  a  most  important  vital  resource  for  societal  development  of  a country  Information
  13. Observation  can be  categorised  into  following  two  main  type  :  Participant  &  Non- Participant
  14. On which of the following technologies semantic web is not based? Cloud seeding
  15. Online Europa year book has a coverage since 1985
  16. Ontology is Classification of Internet based documents
  17. Outdated and seldom used books are withdrawn from the library is known as Weeding
  18. Patent is an agreement between the inventor and the Government
  19. Payments for the books purchased can be made only after  accessioning
  20. PERT  was developed  in  the  late  1950’s  for  the  S.  Navy’s  Polaris  project  is management tool  using statistical techniques

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