Library Important Fact Set 3

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Library Important Fact Set 3

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  1. E-prints is A repository Software
  2. Eugene Garfield  study of Citation indexing (c)
  3. Facts of File is weekly digest of  World events
  4. Facts on File’ is a  Weekly list published
  5. Fair use’ is a term most relevant to Copy right.
  6. Financial  support given  to  libraries  are  of  two  types  –  Recurring  and  Non- Recuring/ Endowments
  7. Forms  of Extension  service  are Library  Websites,  Library  Orientation, Book  fair  and Exhibition
  8. Formulation of fundamental law is:  PURE RESEARCH OR (APPLIED)
  9. Generally  the information  sources  are  divided  mainly  in  to  following  categories?    Documentary and non-documentary
  10. Getting  books back  from  the  users  and  releasing  the  borrower’s  ticket  is  known as discharging
  11. Grogan categorises documents  into three types such as  primary, secondary  and tertiary.
  12. Handling of Information in the sense of production is called  Information Industry
  13. Herzberg’s theory deals with Theory of Motivation & Theory X and Theory Y
  14. How many columns are there in the accession register? 14  colums, Size 16” x 13”
  15. Hypothesis is a : Speculation
  16. Identify the association that has changed its original name SLA
  17. In   which   year International   institute   of   Documentation   changed   to International  federation of Documentation?  1937
  18. In 1931 International institute of Documentation was established
  19. In a research design, which is considered as the most important component : REVIEW LITERATURE
  20. In communication mode   Shannon and weaver information is BIT, (Sendor, Channel, Message, Receiver  and feedback)

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