Library Important Fact Set 2

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Library Important Fact Set 2

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  1. Bradford’s Law  related to Law of scattering
  2. Calculating machine is developed by PASCAL
  3. CAS is defined as  a process of dissemination of current information
  4. Classification of all types of libraries has been made by UNESCO
  5. Communication Barrier  is noise
  6. Communication channel Formal & Informal
  7. Communication Medium  is Radio
  8. Compton year book contains  Outstanding events
  9. Computer memory is measured in  Bytes, KB, GB
  10. Conference proceedings are considered as Primary documents.
  11. Conversation of response in to a set number is called :  CODING
  12. Cover to cover translation is treated as  Current awareness services
  13. CPM  – Critical  Path  Method,  In  1957,  DuPont  developed  as  a  network  model  for project management method Designed
  14. Cranfield Studies’ are an example of Experimental Research
  15. CRG stands for Classification Research Group was fromed in year 1952
  16. Delivery of Book Act passed in the year 1954
  17. Document is physical carrier of information
  18. Encyclopedia Americana consists of  30 Volumes
  19. Encyclopedia of library and Information Science is published by Marcel Dekker
  20. Entropy is  not associated  with  the  communication  system,  degree  of Uncertainity  in Information. Unavailable information for doing useful work.

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