Library Important Fact Set 1

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Library Important Fact Set 1

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  1. “To provide the best books to the maximum readers at the least cost” said by Melvil Dewey 1876
  2. A   common   test in   research   demands   much   priority   on   Reliability,   Useability, Objectivity
  3. A good library building is an outcome of librarian and Architect
  4. A hypothesis that is tested for its rejection is :  NULL HYPOTHESIS
  5. A research design is a series of sampling and it should not include  Findings
  6. A skillful method of providing means mechanism and structural elements to streamline organizational work is known as Strategic planning
  7. A  budget  which mainly  covers  items  of  current  revenue  and  expenditure  is  called Capital Budjet
  8. A  library  is a  public  institution  or  establishment  charged  with  the  care  of  collection  of  books,  the duty of making them accessible to those who require the use of them and  the task  of  converting  every  person  in  its  neighborhood  into  a  habitual  library  goers  and
  9. A  reasoning  where we  start  with  certain  particular  statements  and  conclude  with  a universal statement is called  Inductive Reasoning
  10. A  research  paper is  a  brief  report  of  research  work  based  on  Both  Primary  & Secondary  Source
  11. ABGILA is a quarterly publication of  (ILA) Indian Library Association
  12. Abstracting  service provides Whole bibliographic description along with abstracts  of article
  13. Accession Register is one of the records of circulation section.
  14. ALA has prescribed certain standards for library binding
  15. All  part and  pages  of  a  volume  are  correctly  sequenced  in  the  first  stage  of binding process  known as  collation  (or) checking pagination.
  16. American Library Association  established – 1876
  17. APS is a Full-Text E-Resources
  18. Article published in research journal are Primary sources
  19. BERN CONVENTION (1886) is concerned with  copy rights
  20. Books misplaced on the shelves by readers are restored. This work is referred to as Shelf Rectification

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