Important Fact about Five Laws of Library Science

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Important Fact about Five Laws of Library Science: 

These principle were formulated in 1928 as the five laws of library science. After exposition before several audience , they were published in a book in 1931.


Here are the five laws

1) Books are for use

2) Every reader his book

3) Every book his reader

4) Save the time of the reader

5) Library is a growing organism

➤ Implication of First Law:

a) Library Building

b) Fittings and furniture

c) Gangways

d) Lighting

e) Ventilation

f) Library Staff

g) Book Selection

➤ Implication of 2nd Law:

a) Book Selection

b) Inter Library Loan

c) Viable unit

d) Catalogue

➤Implication of 3rd Law:

a) Classified Arrangement

b) Rearrangement

c) Show Case

d) Accessibility

e) Open Accessibility

➤ Implication of 4th Law :

a) Subjective time vs Objective time

b) Reference services

c) Standardization

d) Centralization

e) Issue method

➤ Implication of 5th Law:

a) Organic Growth

  • Child growth
  • Adult growth

b) Llibrary building

c) Growth in staff

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