Library Important Fact Set 11

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Library Important Fact Set 11

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  1. Which service demands the creation of a ‘user’ profile and Feedback  mechanism is a part of which service? SDI
  2. Which two organizations jointly publish survey on digitization and preservation?  IFLA and UNESCO
  3. Which  of the  following  method  of  research  and  useful  study  on  measuring  the  action life periodical :  CITIATION ANALYSIS
  4. Which  organization  was joined  with  Library  Association  to  form  CILIP  in  2002? Institute of Information Scientists
  5. Which  term was  coined  by  S.R.Ranganathan  for  mobile  libraries  Library  on  Wheels
  6. While  entering  the library,  the  personal  belongings  of  a  reader  is  kept  in  Property counter
  7. Who   categorized   information source   into   conventional,   non   conventional,   neo conventional  and micro documents  Ranganthan
  8. Who coined   the word   POSDCORB Luther   Gulick, it  related to Library administration
  9. Who designed analytical engine Charless Babbage
  10. Who is the editor of “Library Herald”   Krishan Kumar
  11. Who is the father of Classical School Henri Fayol
  12. Who is the father of Scientific Management  F.W. Taylor
  13. Who is the first editor of “Modern Librarian”?  F. Monbrary Volte
  14. Who is the pioneer of open access system in British libraries  James Duff Brown
  15. Who is the propounder of the term information transfer Beesman
  16. Who is the publisher of Encyclopedia of Library and information science?  M.Dekker
  17. Who published the journal International classification? ISKO
  18. Who publishes Annals of Library Science and documentation INSDOC
  19. Who publishes INIS Atom Index?  INIS (Viena)
  20. Who said the demand and supply theory of books?  Mc Colvin moors
  21. Who started New york Charging system?  John Cotton Dana
  22. Who was Published the monthly Journal “The Library World’  J. D. Brown
  23. Who was the chairman of National Library Committee of India. B.S. Jha
  24. Who  gave the  sixth  law  of  library  science  “Every  reader  his/her  freedom”?  James R.Rettig
  25. Who  is the  author  of  “Dictionary  of  anonymous  and  pseudonymous  literature”  Halkett & J. Laing
  26. Who  said that  “Librarianship  is  not  a  profession”?  Madden,  Moon,  Moore,  Mc Pheron
  27. WIPO stands for World Intellectual Property Organization
  28. Word of learning is a what source of information  Secondary source
  29. World of learning is Published by  Europa publication,( London)
  30. World Wide Web (WWW) was first designed by Tim Berner’s Lee
  31. Year book are also known as  Annual
  32. Zero Base Budgeting system was propounded by Peter  Phyrr introduced in 1970 budget is concerned with Future use.
  33. Zip’s Law of  Word frequency

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