Library Important Fact Set 10

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Library Important Fact Set 10

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  1. When did ILA became the member of IFLA? 1957
  2. When was Browne charging system started?   1895
  3. When was Dr.S.  R. Ranganathan was appointed as a National  research  professor of Library science 1962
  4. When was Information Science added to Librarianship? 1950
  5. When was PERT developed in 1958. Another term  CPM
  6. When was the curriculam development committee on LIS instituted? 1990-93
  7. When  RRRLF was  established?    1972  Where  is  the  headquarter  located  at Calcutta provide ISBN
  8. Where is the headquarter of SLA?   New York
  9. Where was the first library noticed in India? Saravasti
  10. Where  did   S.  R.  Ranganathan  put  forth  his  five  laws  of  library  science?  Meenakshi college, Annamalainagar
  11. Whether intellectual property can be sold. Sale is possible
  12. Which   of the   following   is   the   first   step   in   starting   the   research   process? Identification of problem
  13. Which association in India awards teachers in LIS?   IATLIS
  14. Which association`s tagline is “connecting people and information” SLA
  15. Which association`s tagline is “managing information”? ASLIB
  16. Which Commission recommended 10% of the total college budget for development of Libraries  Kothari committee
  17. Which Indian University first started M.Lib.Sc. & M.Phil courses University of Delhi
  18. Which law of library Science relates to the growth of libraries 5th law
  19. Which library first introduced the printed catalog  British Museum
  20. Which of the following are not the secondary sources?  Thesis
  21. Which of the following is a multi-subject gateway?  Renardus
  22. Which one is E-Bibliographic database?  ISID
  23. Which organisation applied Library and Information Policy in India at national level. RRRLF
  24. Which organization has introduced the concept of “Sister libraries” for children`s and young adults reading? IFLA
  25. Which part of new encyclopedia Britannica is useful for ready references? Propaedia

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