Library Important Fact Set 9

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Library Important Fact Set 9

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  1. UAP stands for Universal Availability of Publications.
  2. UNISIST is a  Programme
  3. Virtual   accommodates   Different version   of   the   MARC   Standard?   USMARC, UKMARC  CANMARC,  SWEMARC/All of above
  4. Vivisimo  is a specialized information organization online tool
  5. What are non- documentary sources?  Which are in not printed form
  6. What are the two parts of the annual report of the library Descriptive and Statistical
  7. What do you call a collection of maps, tables, charts, etc.?  Atlas
  8. What is full text e-Resource. American chemical society
  9. What is India: A reference annual?  Year Book
  10. What is National bibliography?  List of books published in a particular Nation
  11. What is the frequency of I.N.B.?  Monthly
  12. What is the publication frequency of books in print? Annually
  13. What is the unit of information called Byte
  14. What is world of learning?  Directory
  15. What  is the  meaning  of  E-Documents?    In  electronic  form  such  as  Cassettes,  CD- ROMs, etc.
  16. What  is the  suitable  reference  sources  to  find  out  the  list  of  historical  monuments  of Delhi?  Guide book
  17. What  is the  suitable  reference  sources  to  know  about  the  information  of  a particular place?  Gazetteer
  18. What  is Trade  bibliography?  List  of books  in print  or  for  sale  compiled  by  a publisher
  19. What  two is  a Library Management Software for small  libraries Library Solution  and Follet
  20. When did electrically operated book charging system introduced first?  1932

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