Library Important Fact Set 13

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Library Important Fact Set 13

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  1. American ASA DON DICKSON Started part time Apprenticeships program in librarianship in 1915 at Punjab University Lahore
  2.     American country denotes in sears list of subject heading.
  3.     An appropriate source to find out descriptive information is Encyclopedia.
  4. An University providing Open Access to Sanskrit dissertations through Internet Delhi University
  5. Asa Don Dickson wrote the Punjab Library primer.
  6. ASCII code consist of 256
  7.     ASK (Approach, Skill, Knowledge) principle is related to management.
  8.     Atlas call a collection of maps, tables, charts, etc.
  9.     Banaras Hindu University (1942) and Bombay 1943 started library science course
  10. Bibliomentry is Information Management
  11. Book in print published in Annually.
  12. Books lost from the library are known through Charging and discharging.
  13.   Boole is known as the “father of the information age” because of his contributions to modern computer science through his invention of Boolean algebra.  200th year Birthday on 2/11/2015. The Boolean model is very rigid: AND means “all”; OR means “any”.
  14. Brascom (1986) defied Information Society (American Society for Information Science)
  15. BSO in classification stands for Broad Subject Ordering. 



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