Most important Computer extensions

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कंप्यूटर एक्सटेंशन (Most important Computer extensions)

All Compter Topic देखने के ले यहाँ पर क्लिक करें 


.aif – AIF audio file

.cda – CD audio track file

.mid or .midi – MIDI audio file

.mp3 – MP3 audio file

.mpa – MPEG-2 audio file

.ogg – Ogg Vorbis audio file

.wav – WAV file

.wma – WMA audio file

.wpl – Windows Media Player playlist

.3g2 – 3GPP2 multimedia file

.3gp – 3GPP multimedia file

.avi – AVI file

.flv – Adobe Flash file

.h264 – H.264 video file

.m4v – Apple MP4 video file

.mkv – Matroska Multimedia Container

.mov – Apple QuickTime movie file

.mp4 – MPEG4 video file

.mpg or .mpeg – MPEG video file

.rm – RealMedia file

.swf – Shockwave flash file

.vob – DVD Video Object

.wmv – Windows Media Video file

ods – OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet file

.xlr – Microsoft Works Spreadsheet File

.xls – Microsoft Excel file

.xlsx – Microsoft Excel Open XML spreadsheet file

.ai – Adobe Illustrator file

.bmp – bitmap image

.gif – GIF image

.ico – Icon file

.jpeg or .jpg – JPEG image

.png – PNG image

.ps – PostScript file

.psd – PSD image

.svg – Scalable Vector Graphics file

.tif or .tiff – TIFF image

.7z – 7-Zip compressed file

.arj – ARJ compressed file

.deb – Debian software package file

.pkg – Package file

.rar – RAR file

.rpm – Red Hat Package Manager

.tar.gz – Tarball compressed file

.z – Z compressed file

.zip – Zip compressed file

.doc and .docx – Microsoft Word file

.odt – OpenOffice Writer document file

.pdf – PDF file

.rtf – Rich Text Format

.tex – A LaTeX document file

.txt – Plain text file

.wks and .wps-Microsoft Works

.wpd – WordPerfect document

.toast – Toast disk image

.vcd – Virtual CD

.pptx – Microsoft Powerpoint File

.ra – audio file

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