library and society related question #3

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library and society related question

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1.The word library is made of the word

Ans- Latin Word ‘Liber’

2. The library for the people, of the people and by the people is called

Ans- Public Library

3. What is the first law of library science

Ans- Books are for use

4. Which is the law of library science

Ans- These laws are: Books are for use

Every reader his/her book

Every book its reader

Save the time of the reader

The library is a growing organism

5. In which law of library science, the concept of child and adult growth has been discussed

Ans- 5th Law ‘The library is a growing organism’

6. In which year ‘Delivery of Book act’ was passed in India

Ans- 1954

7. Who was brought by Sayaji Gaikwad ii for the improvement of the library services in Baroda state

Ans- W. Borden

8. Library cess in one of the sources of finance for which type of libraries

Ans- Public library

9. Where is the National Library of India situated

Ans- Kolkata

10. What are the main sources of income for public libraries

Ans- Library cess

11 What is the meaning of Resource sharing

Ans- sharing of all sources, services tools, and staffs

12. Which of the law emphasize the need of CD-ROM in Modern library

Ans- 5th law – The library is a growing organism

13. Which of the field of library science does not allow ‚resource sharing‛

Ans- library user

14. In which year, Ranganathan’s birth centenary was celebrated

Ans.- ALA

16. In which place DRTC was established in the year 1962

Ans- Bangalore

17. Where is National Medical Library of India

Ans- New Delhi

18. Who prepared ‚Library Development Plan‛ for India


19. Khuda Baksh oriental public library is situated at

Ans- Patna

20. Who was the first librarian of Indian National Library

Ans- S. Kesavan

21. Which is the first state-level public library act in India

Ans- Madras, Tamilnadu

22. In which year Imperial library merged into Calcutta Public Library

Ans:- 1902 -03.

Name of the state passed public library act in India

Ans:-click here

24. When was Dr.S. R. Ranganathan was appointed as a National research professor of Library science

Ans:- 1962

25. Which Indian University first started M.Lib.Sc. & M.Phil courses

Ans:- University of Delhi

26. Which Indian University first started B.Lib.Sc. courses

Ans:- Aligarh Muslim University

27. The first library school was started by

Ans:- Melvil Dewey

28. Where did Dr. S. R. Ranganathan put forth his five laws of library science

Ans:- Meenakshi college, Annamalainagar

29. Which association tagline is ‚managing information

Ans:- Aslib

30. When was the International Institute of Documentation established

Ans:- 1931

31. Which organization has introduced the concept of ‚Sister libraries‛ for children`s and young adults reading

Ans:- IFLA

32. In which year the ISBN allocation office in India shifted from Kolkatta to Delhi

Ans:- 2011

33. In which year International Institute of Documentation changed to International Federation of Documentation?

Ans:- 1937

34. Where was the first library noticed in India

Ans:- Sravasti

35. When was Information Science added to Librarianship

Ans:- 1950

36. UAP stands for what of the following

Ans:- Universal Availability of Publications

37. Resource sharing is a part of

Ans:- Library cooperation

38. The five laws of Library Science published in the book form in the year

Ans:- 1931 में

39. When was the Amercian Library Association established

Ans:- 1876

40. When was the Library Association established

Ans:- 1877

41. When was Special Libraries Association established

Ans:- 1909

42. When was ‚Bihar Public Library and information Act‛ passed

Ans:- 2008

43. Which term was coined by Dr.S.R.Ranganathan for mobile libraries

Ans:- Library on Wheels

44. The Librarian Day celebrated on

Ans:- 12th (Birthday Of Dr. S. R. Rangnathan)

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