Library Important Fact Set 8

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Library Important Fact Set 8

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  1. The Librarian Day celebrated on 12th Aug
  2. The library budget of a university is passed by the  Executive Council
  3. The objective of library binding is durability _of the library materials
  4. The preliminaries in the research Report include : INTRODUCTION
  5. The term “Cyberspace” was first used by William Gibson
  6. The term “Information Service” is an improvised name  Reference service
  7. The term communication came from which language Latin
  8. The term Information scence came into exisit in this year 1959
  9. The Thesaurus  is A  collection  of  selected  terminology,  Synonymous terms. List of words
  10. The  act enacted  in  India  in  1856  on  Intellectual  Property  Right  was  based  on British Patent Law 1852
  11. The  essential  qualities of  a  researcher  are    Spirit  of  free  enquiry,  Reliance  on observation And Evidence, Systematization or theorizing of knowledge
  12. The  full form  of  ERNET?  Education  and  Research  Network    in  India  provided  the first e-mail service in the country
  13. The  secondary source  of information  comprised  of  Indexing and Abstracting periodical
  14. There are three types of basic languages used in computer programming Machine, Assembly and high level languages
  15. There  are Three (3) switching system are Message  Switch, Pocket  Switch, Circuit Switch
  16. Three card system introduced by S. R. Ranganathan 1) Register card 2) Check Card 3) Classified Index card
  17. To which country the credit is given to coin the term information society Japan
  18. Today     information     is regarded     as     which     of     the     following,     Wealth, Commodity,  Products
  19. Today which type of information sources is most useful? Non- Documentary source
  20. TQM (Total Quality Management) is a process of helping employees in an organization to Acquire new skills and competence on a continuing basis

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