Library Important Fact Set 12

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Library Important Fact Set 12

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  1.   “Shodhganga” is a national level repository of  E-Theses.
  2. ‘Many Voices One World’ published by UNESCO,
  3.  ‘Noise’ in Information Retrieval is due to redundant information.
  4.  ‘Quality Circles’ in organization is used in Management Control.
  5.   “Controlled Group” is a term used in Experimental research.
  6.   “Roger Payne” was famous in Book Binder.
  7.  12th August, 1892 Dr.S.RR Birthday as Librarians Day.
  8. 1920 training program imitated at Bangalore by dawn of Mysore Sir. M. Vishweswaraiah
  9. 1929 MALA conducted regular certificate course
  10. 1935 Andhra University started a certificate course (But it was stopped shortly)
  11. A periodical evaluation of an employee is done through Performance appraisal.
  12. A research paper is a brief report of research work based on  Both Primary and Secondary Data 
  13. Abstracting service provides whole bibliographic description of articles.
  14. Accession Number means Unique Number for a book inside a particular library.
  15. Accession register record is the hub of the stack in a library. 



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