Best library science MCQ question for EMRS Librarian , RSMSSB Librarian, DSSSB Librarian,

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Best library science question for EMRS Librarian , RSMSSB Librarian, DSSSB Librarian,

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1.The acronym MARC stands for

A) Machine Readable Catalogue

B) Machine recorded catalogue

C) Manufucture Readable Catalogue

D) Mechanical Read catalogue 

Ans. A

  1. Classified Catalogue Code (CCC) was designed by

A) Melvil Dewey

B) Charles Cutter 

C) S.R. Ranganathan

D) Margaret Mann 

Ans. C

  1. In MARC21 format, the tag for the held “Title and Statement of responsibility” is :

A) 100 

B) 245

C) 250 

D) 300

Ans. B

  1. RDA, the next edition of AACR2 R is the acronym for :

A) Revised Description And Access

B) Restricted Description and Access

C) Resource Description and Access

D) Revised Data Access

Ans. C

  1. If the Catalogue repesents the collection of two or more libraries, then Catalogue is called as :

A) Union Catalogue 

B) Combined Catalogue


D) Descriptive Catalogue 

Ans. A

  1. Record of books acquired by the library either by purchase, exchange or gift is maintained in

A) Accession Register 

B) Transaction Register

C) Cardex 

D) Shelf Register

Ans. A

  1. The acronym for library information service CAS stands for :

A) CentralAwarenessService

B) Current AwarenessService

C) Current Abstracting Service 

D) Common Awareness Service

Ans. B

  1. A Catalogue in which the entries are arranged according to the class number is known as :

A) Dictionary Catalogue 

B) Classified Catalogue

C) Author Catalogue 

D) Title Catalogue

Ans. B

  1. To assist libraries, publishers provide catalogue information in the book itself in a standard format

following a well recognised catalogue code.This is known as :

A) Advanced Cataloguing 

B) Print-ln Cataloguing

C) Pre Cataloguing Services

D) Cataloguing-in-Publication

Ans. D

  1. Which is the latest edition of Dewey Decimal Classification in 2015 :

A) 20th

B) 21st 

C) 23rd 

D) 24th

Ans.  C

11.In the latest Dewey Decimal Classification (4volumes), the main class for “Social Sciences” is 

A) 200

B) 300

C) 400

D) 500

Ans. B

  1. Colon Classification was developed by

A) S.R.Rarganathan 

B) Melvil Dewey 

C) Paul Otlet and Henri La Fontaine

D) Charles Cutter 

Ans. A

  1. The online digital library of education research and information, “Education Resources

information Center” (ERIC) is established by

  1. A) UNESCO 
  2. B) library Congress USA 
  3. C) Institute of Education Sciences (USA)
  4. D) OCLC USA

Ans. C

  1. “EverY book its reader” This is which law among Five Laws of Library Science.

A) Second 

B) Third

C) Fourth 

D) Fifth

Ans. B

  1. Among the file formats, PDF stands fot

A) PrimarY Document Format

B) Print Document Format

C) Portable Document Format

D) Precise Document Format

Ans. C

l6. Identify the open source library automation software

A) Koha

B) Libsys


D) Libsuite 

Ans. A

  1. Inflibnet acronym  stands for

A) Information and Library Network Centre

B) Institutional Library Network Centre

C) International Library Network Centre

D) Internet Firm Library Network Centre

Ans. A

  1. e-Granthalaya is a library automation software developed by :

A) National Library of India 




Ans. D

  1. In library applications, RFID Stands for

(A) Remote Frequency Information Database

(B) Revised Frequency International device 

(C) Radio Frequency ldentification

(D) Realigned Free Information Data

Ans. C

  1. Which of the following is the primary source of information ?

A) Books 

B) Edited Volumes 

C) Journals

D) Bibliographies 

Ans. C

  1. India,s premier institute of science communication and information resources NISCAIR is located in which city ?

A) Mumbai 

B) Kolkata 

C) Chennai

D) New Delhi 

Ans. D

  1. National Library of India is located in which city

A) Mumbai 

B) Kolkata 

C) Chennai

D) New Delhi 

Ans. B

  1. ‘India : A reference annual’ is a

A) Bibliography

B) Gazetteer

C) Directory 

D) Year book 

Ans. D

  1. “University News” published by AIU is

A) Weekly 

B) Quarterly 

C) Monthly 

D) Annually 

Ans. A

  1. IATLIS is an association of

A) Teachers of Library and Information Science in India

B) Indian Trained Librarians

C) Indian book traders on Library science

D) Indian Students of Library Science 

Ans. A

  1. The individual who invented World Wide Web is

A) Charles Babbage

B) F.W. Lancaster

C) Tim Berner’s Lee

D) Ted Nelson

Ans. D

  1. “Mozilla Firefox” is a

A) Search engine

B)  Programming language

C) Database 

D) Web Browser 

Ans. D

  1. Which of the following is an internet search engine ?

A) Google Chrome

B) Java

C) Yahoo

D) Oracle

Ans. C

  1. The file format mp3 represents

A) Audio

B) Video 

C) Text

D) Image 

Ans. A

  1. DRM in the context of eResources means :

A) Direct Resource Management

B) Digital Rights Management

C) Distributed Resource Migration

D) Distributed Resource Management

Ans. B

  1. The Oldest digital Iibrary of eBooks is :

A) Google Books

B) Project Guttenberg 

C) Million Book Project

D) None of the above 

Ans. B

  1. “Kindle” eBook reader is launched by

A) Adobe Systems

B) Amazon 

C) Barnes and Noble

D) None of the above 

Ans. B

  1. Identify the open educational resources (OER) in Indian Scenario :

A) Public Library of Science (PLoS)

B) Commonwealth of Learning 

C) Research Papers in Economics

D) National Programme on Technology enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

Ans. D

  1. National Digital Repository of IGNOU is known as :

A) E-Gyankosh

B) Education Grid 

C) Eklavya Project

D) None of the above 

Ans. A

  1. INFLIBNET recent project of extending e-resources to educational institutes in India “N-LIST” stands for :

(A) National Library and Information Science Technology

(B) National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content

(C) National Library and Information support to Technological Institutes

(D) None of the above

Ans. B

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