UGC NET (NTA) Syllabus for First paper(2019)

UGC NET (NTA) Updated Syllabus for First paper(2019)   Unit-I Teaching Aptitude  Teaching: Concept, Objectives, Levels of teaching (Memory, Understanding and Reflective), Characteristics and basic requirements. Learner’s characteristics: Characteristics of adolescent and adult learners (Academic, Social, Emotional and Cognitive), Individual differences. Factors affecting teaching related to: Teacher, Learner, Support material, Instructional facilities, Learning environment and … Read more

UGC NET (NTA) Syllabus for Library Science(2019)

UGC NET (NTA) Updated Syllabus for Library and Information Science Syllabus for First paper(2019) All library Old Question Paper Unit – I 1. Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom. 2. Information Life Cycle – Generation, Collection, Storage and Dissemination. 3. Role of Information in Planning, Management, Socio-economic, Cultural, Educational and Technological Development. 4. Information Science – … Read more

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