Full form of AALL

Full form of AALL (1906) ALL Library Full form     American Association of law libraries(AALL) is a non-profit educational organization with over 5000 members nationwide. It is established in 1906 with the initiative of A.J.Small and its headquarter is in Chicago, United State अमेरिकन लाइब्रेरी ऑफ़ लॉ लाइब्रेरीज़ (AALL) गैर-लाभकारी शैक्षिक संगठन है, जिसमें … Read moreFull form of AALL


FULL FORM OF AACR 2 (1978) ALL Library Full form     Anglo American cataloguing rules 2 (AACR 2) is a revised version of AACR base on reconciliation of the British and North American text on the 1967 edition and published jointly by the American Library Association, the Canadian Library Association and the chartered institute … Read moreFULL FORM OF AACR 2


FULL FORM OF AACR 1 (1967) ALL Library Full form      anglo- American cataloguing rule 1(AACR – 1) is a detailed set of standardized rule for cataloguing various types of library materials published in 1967 into various -a North American text and British text under the initiative of American Library Association(ALA), Library Association(LA) and … Read moreFULL FORM OF AACR 1

Full form of AAC

Full form of AAC   ALL Library Full form   Anglo American code (AAC) was published in 1908 as the first successful product of British and American corporation and was based on various 19th-century codes. The AAC was the result of collaboration between the American Library Association and the Library Association (ALA & LA) and … Read moreFull form of AAC

full form of AKA

Also known as full form is AKA ALL Library Full form Also known as used to introduce Pseudonym, aliases, nickname, working name, legalized name, pen name, maiden name, titles etc. (यह छद्दम नाम, उपनाम, कार्य का नाम, वैध नाम, प्रथम नाम, शीर्षक आदि के लिएइस्तेमाल किया जाता हैं इसको हम उर्फ बोल सकते हैं)

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